Plastic Crate Mould Manufacturer

Sino Mould has many years experience in the manufacture of plastic crate molds, and we provide you with high-quality crate molds based on the principle of prompt delivery. We have many fashion types of crate molds, such as vegetable and fruit crates, bottle crates, fish crates, heavy duty crates, pallet crates and so on. We can also help you set up the crate production line—Custom Design Injection Molding Line Set Up.

For the plastic crate mold, we pay more attention to the crate mold cooling system design. A good plastic filling system requires a special hot runner system to assist with molding to ensure optimal cooling. In order to produce a durable crate mold, the cooling water path on the largest forming surface of the mold must be optimized, and the tempered steel must be used with the excellent cooling water circuit design. In addition, the air venting system at the handle of the trunk is also the focus of our design. When the container is under load, the handle at both ends is the key point. If the two handles on the mold are not vented properly, obvious seams will be left and the product will be easily damaged.


In terms of turnover box mold processing, Sino group selects the appropriate materials and hardness of the mold frame, core and cavity, as well as the appropriate standard parts of the mold, so as to avoid problems in the process of use. For the friction in the crate mold, and its guide part, we must pay attention to its processing. In addition, manual operation is not allowed, so as not to affect the processing effect and quality, thereby affecting the quality of the turnover box.


With these processing techniques, our plastic crates molds have a fast forming speed and good molding results. In addition, we will simulate the real production environment before shipment, and run the mold for 2 hours to show you the mass production process.


If you have any questions about plastic crates molds, please feel free to contact us and we will answer them in detail.


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