PET Preform Mould Maintenance

PET preform mould daily maintenance is very important to prolong the PET preform mould life.With high quality PET preform mould and good daily maintenance,PET preform mould could run more than 5Million shots.

High quality PET preform mould use very good steel material,like stavax 420,DIN1.2316 for the transparent PET material.The steel must be with good polishing performance and high hardness to run the mould long time.Every PET preform mould has slider structure,the thread split must be wearable.Usually the PET preforms have thick wall,so the cooling system design must be very good in order to raise the production efficiency.

After got a high quality PET preform mould,the maintenance for the mould is very important.If we do not make any maintenance,after one month or two monthes running,the PET preform mould would be difficult to maintain or even have to change some parts.Here I would like to talk something about the daily maintenance for the PET preform mould:

First,before the mould assemble onto the machine,we must check to tighten all the screws on the mould.After the mould running 8hours,we could stop the PET preform mould running for a while and tighten the screws on the moving parts.

Second,connecting&testing cooling channel on airproof guard.

Third,measurement of Heating system under H.R.Instruction.

Fourth,measurement of action of slider and stripper fixed plate.

PET preform mould maker China could supply you PET preform mould and professional suggestions for PET preform mould maintenance.Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need more information about PET preform mould.Thanks.

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