Orange to exclusively deploy O-RAN from 2025

Orange to exclusively deploy O-RAN from 2025

“Open RAN will be important to have more agility and more automation in the network, but the objective is certainly not to attack our existing providers,” he says, “this is not something that is against Nokia and Ericsson and they are very important contributors to the O-RAN Alliance.”

Trabbia reckons O-RAN kit will match the performance and features of traditional vendors’ switchgear in the next two to three years and can already be used in some rural areas.

O-RAN deployment needs Nokia and Ericsson involvement and Nokia is moving faster here than Ericsson.

“We need to have strong providers and with the current ecosystem and situation between China and the US – that is not changing that much with the change of US president – it is more difficult to have some providers in Europe,”  said Trabbia, “it is certainly not our intention to not work anymore with or decrease the share of the European vendors.”

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