Operation method for casting

Casting is a process in which molten metal is poured into a mold and cooled and solidified to obtain parts with the required shape and performance. Casting is a commonly used manufacturing method with low manufacturing cost and great process flexibility. It can obtain complex shapes and large castings. It occupies a large proportion in mechanical manufacturing. For example, machine tools account for 60~80%, automobiles account for 25%, and tractors account for 25%. 50~60%.
Due to the increasing requirements for casting quality, casting accuracy, casting cost, and casting automation, casting technology is developing in the direction of precision, large-scale, high-quality, automation, and cleanliness. The rapid development of casting technology, special casting technology, casting automation and casting molding simulation technology.
Main speciesThe main casting process includes: metal smelting, model manufacturing, pouring solidification and demoulding cleaning. The main materials used for casting are cast steel, cast iron, cast non-ferrous alloys (copper, aluminum, zinc, lead, etc.).
The casting process can be divided into sand casting process and special casting process.
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