Only seek truth from facts to deal with contradictions and solve problems

In addition to the large width-to-thickness ratio of the product itself, there is also a large width-to-width ratio during the extrusion process. In addition, the metal flow in the extrusion deformation zone is extremely incompatible with the metal flow in the extrusion die. Therefore, flat tubes often There will be insufficient arcs on both sides. The width of the product will not meet the requirements or the product will show a drum shape along the width of the product, so that the straightness will not be high. The combined strength is weak, so that the pressure-bearing capacity of the product cannot meet the requirements during use. Practice shows that it is more suitable to control the expansion angle of the flat tube extrusion die within the range. First, it can meet the requirements of product quality. Second, it will not cause the upper die to be too high due to the too small expansion angle, which makes the extrusion force too large and causes production difficulties. In addition, for the flat tube width and two types of molds, in addition to the expanded angle design, unequal sizing belts are also used to promote the flow of metal in the center to both sides, ensuring that the metal can flow out of the extrusion die hole in a balanced manner. Dimension design The outline and dimension design of the porous flat tube mold should fully consider the shrinkage caused by aluminum cooling and coiling tension, the thermal expansion of the mold, the wear of the mold, and the dimensional tolerance of the flat tube. In the continuous extrusion process, the rotation speed of the extrusion wheel and the gap between the extrusion wheel shoes should decrease with the increase of the width of the flat tube and the number of holes. Because the width of the flat tube and the number of holes increase, the extrusion expansion ratio increases, and the extrusion force increases. If the gap is too large, it is easy to cause excessive metal leakage. In addition, reducing the extrusion speed is conducive to feeding, so aluminum processing follows contradictions and problems. The courage, weakness and avoidance can only complicate it. Of course, this does not include some contradictions that really require calm observation and a period of time to deal with. They dare not to uphold justice. Leaders who are afraid of offending others will often offend others, because that will encourage unhealthy trends. . Only by seeking truth from facts to deal with contradictions and solve problems, can employees feel that the leaders are responsible and can establish good prestige. Handle the relationship between economic interests and deep-seated needs of employees. The main purpose of employees in corporate activities is to obtain remuneration to meet their daily needs.

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