Oil and gas lubrication in sawing process helps to improve production efficiency

In the manufacturing industry, sawing machine processing is widely used, and its function is to process the raw materials according to the blank size of the workpiece, so the working efficiency of the sawing machine affects the efficiency of the entire processing process.In order to improve the cutting efficiency of raw materials, it depends on the cutting speed of the saw blade and the service life of the saw blade. There are many factors that affect the cutting speed and service life of the saw blade, such as the perpendicularity of the saw blade and the jaws, the effective lubrication of the saw blade, and the length of the saw blade. The tension and the running speed of the saw blade itself.Therefore, if the sawing machine wants to improve the processing efficiency, its performance can be improved in these aspects.As an important factor, saw blade lubrication is also undergoing great changes.

Traditional saw blade lubrication is mostly poured in cutting fluidOn saw blades, such a lubrication method presents more and more drawbacks, which are mainly manifested in high production and manufacturing costs, large environmental pollution, equipment maintenance costs, and high waste liquid treatment costs.Doppel has focused on micro-lubrication applied to metal cutting for many years. At present, it has applied micro-lubrication in many fields. Sawing machine oil-air lubrication is one of them. The advantages of sawing machine oil-air lubrication are:

1. The filtration and circulation equipment of cutting fluid can be eliminated, and the purchase cost of machine tools can be reduced;

2. The blank after blanking does not need to be processed and can directly enter the next process;

3. The production workshop is clean and dry, and the machine tool is not easy to rust, which is beneficial to equipment maintenance;

4. The oil consumption of oil-air lubrication is small, there is no waste in the processing process, and there is no cutting fluid cost;

5. Improve the cutting efficiency of the sawing machine;

6. Green and environmental protection, no harm to the environment and human body;

The oil-air lubrication system of the sawing machine is convenient to use, suitable for the standard configuration of new machine tools and the transformation of original machine tools.

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