NX programming post-processing solutions to improve work efficiency

For a long time, the size of the NX output blank can not be solved well. Some read the tool path size (drilling, but can not be solved very well), some default values, and some plug-in coordination (not under discussion, the author It is the pursuit of the ultimate and simplicity) Today I will share with you an idea that I have done before, and you can refer to it!

Heidenhain needs a blank when simulating, so it is necessary to solve this!

1: How to do the analysis?

NX does not provide the blank variables of WORKPIECE, and can only seek other methods

2: What variables are available in NX

The author thought of a “blank size” variable in an injection Mold wizard that exists and is provided.

The optional blocks and columns also meet the parameter requirements of HEIDENHAIN.

3: What are variables? Output format?

mom_attr_PART_MW_BLANK_SIZE mom_mw_blank_size choose one of them, it depends on personal preference!

mom_attr_PART_MW_BLANK_SIZE 356X226X76

4: How to use it?

Custom command, as shown below

Since the output variable is a string, it needs to be split. Use the tcl commands lassign and split to split the three variables into the xyz variable. This split variable can also be solved in other ways. Tcl is a professional string expert. It is a case with thousands of ideas! (Because this command I remember was added in subsequent versions of tcl)

Process the test after saving.

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