NX multi-axis machining simulation build a five-axis simulation in one minute!

The NX software has many breakthrough updates in the recent versions of multi-axis, but I found that there is very little funding for machine tool simulation. NX machine tool simulation has a highly customized and standardized function. The controller uses python language to customize as you want,

With the new version of NX post-processing configurator, machine kinematics can be automatically recognized! It can be said to be the best in CAM software in terms of multi-axis.

NX1980 has been updated for some time. I recently took a look at the machine tool simulation. This version has a revolutionary update in terms of machine tool building. Automatic steps to build machine tools. At present, this function can kill all CAM simulation software on the market. High-strength templates are customized, and standardized templates can be used to build a five-axis machine tool simulation in one minute. According to the movement of the machine tool, the students will automatically become the controller and post-processing, and all the work can be completed in a few simple steps.

At present, NX supports 3, 4, and 5 axis simulation of lathes, as well as multi-axis and multi-channel turning and milling compound programming and simulation. More functions need to be explored together!

It only takes one minute to build the machine tool from 0 to completion, which saves %90 time compared to the previous version of the machine tool building!

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