China at TUBE CHINA 2020!

From September 23rd to 26th, 2020, Shanghai New International Expo Center (SNIEC) held the TUBE CHINA-International Tube&Pipe Industry Trade Fair. Jiaxing MT Stainless Steel Co., Ltd. attended this exhibition as an exhibitor with booth number E2 A11.


The scope of exhibits in this exhibition includes.

-Raw materials, pipes, and fittings

-Tube manufacturing equipment

-Heat treatment processing technology and equipment (new)

-Alteration and rehabilitation equipment

-Sawing technology and equipment (new)

-Process tools and ancillary equipment

-Measurement and control technology

-Testing technology

-Areas of expertise

-Pipe trading services

-Pipeline and oil specialties

-Profiles and machinery

-Plastic and composite pipes



This year there are more than 220 tube-related enterprises participated in Tube China 2020. TubeChina for China is not only a platform to showcase the company’s strength, but also an international platform to strengthen industry communication, guide the development of the industry, and promote healthy competition in the industry.





Product is the name card of the enterprise, China the exhibition mainly exhibited stainless steel pipe fittings, flanges, pipeline samples, through the sample display, through a complete story, China will raw materials, pipe production equipment, processing technology, testing technology, and various types of finished products unreservedly show out.


China conveyed its corporate mission: To make the metal pipeline system solutions easier. 


In 2020, both in China, where the epidemic has been brought under control and in other countries where the epidemic is still gripping, there have been large or small losses to companies due to work stoppages. In the face of the epidemic, face to face communication is more precious.


Therefore, China’s arrival is also hoped to be able to restart through the exhibition, once again with domestic and foreign customers to connect and communicate, to domestic and foreign industry leaders to learn and pay tribute.


Although this international exhibition is inevitably affected by the situation, please believe that the dark clouds will dissipate and the development of the industry will never stop. MTSCO will always be passionate about climbing to the top.

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