Mechanical assembly for CNC machining parts

Mechanical assembly is used to describe a process that putting some components together on an assembly line.And after mechanical assembly,you can get a complete products or it can perform some designed function. Mechanical assembly is always used in assembly lind production in the manufacturing and industrial field.While the product travels down the assembly line,a component is added,and then the next,until added all components.When the components pass the work station,a worker or a robot need to do the job to help the assembly.The design of a mechanical assembly is very important.First,the design should be simple and the costs should be low.And the assembly should be easy to assemble and disassemble.The engineer should consider of every step to make sure of the availability.According to the design,the engineer can also suggest the processing steps to build the assembly in a logical order.The engineer should be very careful when he design the mechanical assembly.Once the steps are taken out of order,it will lead to miss components.And when you design the assembly,you should use CAD to make sure all components can fit with each other perfect.One principle of design is to make all components as simple as possible.If you can use standard part like screw,nut,bearing,you should not design it special.Using standard part can make the job easier and low costs.Lemo can do some assembly for customers , if you has demands, welcome to contact us : [email protected] Previous: Knowledge for turningNext: What kind of hardware can be machined by cnc machine?

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