Let us know what is Non-standard CNC machined parts !

with the constant changes of the times, our industry has undergone earth-shaking changes. Everyone can see that the development of industry can be said to be done with great enthusiasm. Only today’s achievements are achieved. Non-standard parts processing is one of them. One, then what does the non-standard mean? Let Xiaobian come to learn from you.
"Non-standard" means "not made according to Standards”. General products, in order to be common with other products (this is for the convenience of use and maintenance), have their own production standards. 
For example, the "screws" we usually use must be standard parts. You can buy the same size screws in any store.
Non-standard CNC machined partss processing: "Standards" have the form of national standards, local standards, industry standards, etc., complement each other.  "Non-standard" goods or spare parts refer to goods that are used less, or parts that are specially made for a certain product, so it is not easy to buy general-purpose or substitutes.   Sometimes, "non-standard" pieces are intended to do so, in order to protect the uniqueness of their own production and maintenance. The above is the answer to what is the non-standard parts CNC machined,  In fact, it is a kind of meaning that is not made according to the standard. It can be produced according to your requirements. It is a good technology. In order to give customers a better choice, you can Protect your own production,
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