JD.com, Xiaomi and Qualcomm jointly launch the first ultra-fast 5G mobile phone

Sina Digital News on the afternoon of May 11th, the 5G mobile phone Redmi K30 5G speed version, which was developed by JD.com consumers, was officially released today, priced from 1999 yuan. The new product upgrades the performance on the basis of the Redmi K30 and adopts the Qualcomm Snapdragon 768G mobile platform. JD.com, together with Redmi and Qualcomm, released the Redmi K30 5G Extreme Edition in the form of an online press conference. This new product will be sold exclusively on JD.com on May 14.

According to JD.com, this phone uses the “C2M reverse customization mode” to make consumer demand directly to designers and factories based on JD.com’s big data.

Yan Xiaobing, Senior Vice President of JD.com Group and President of 3C Home Appliance Retail Business Group of JD.com Retail Group, Lu Weibing, Vice President of Xiaomi Group, President of China and General Manager of Redmi Brand, Hou Mingjuan, Global Vice President of Qualcomm, and Daniel Tan, President of JD.com Retail Group’s Communication Division, attended the event. press conference

Jingdong believes that in recent years, user needs have become more personalized and diversified, and the traditional supply chain model has become increasingly difficult to meet market demand. In this context, JD.com is exploring the C2M model in the mobile phone field, using JD.com’s big data capabilities to push back product design, production capacity, product distribution and other links from consumer demand, and work with brand owners to create products that better meet user needs.

The Redmi K30 5G Extreme Edition released this time was produced by JD.com using this idea. According to JD.com’s big data: in the price segment of the Redmi K30 5G Extreme Edition, it covers more female users. At the same time, this user group is generally highly educated, and most of them are rational consumers who pursue technology.

Based on this insight, JD.com and the Redmi R&D team upgraded the CPU and joined Qualcomm to use the Snapdragon 768G mobile platform on the Redmi K30 5G Extreme Edition. Hou Mingjuan, global vice president of Qualcomm, said: “Compared with the Snapdragon 730G, the Snapdragon 768G mobile platform’s CPU performance has increased by nearly 30%, and the AI ​​computing power has increased by 140%, which is more in line with the needs and psychological expectations of users in the current wave of replacement phones.”

The Redmi K30 5G Express Edition released this time is the first joint customization of JD.com and Redmi, and it is also the co-branding company of JD.com’s C2M model to accelerate the development of new products. Since JD.com launched the “JDPhone Plan” in 2013, the C2M model has become one of JD.com’s key strategies for mobile phones. According to the “2020 Jingdong “New Products” and C2M Report released by the Jingdong Data Research Institute, Jingdong C2M allows enterprises to jump out of the dilemma of choosing between “scale” and “personalization”. Multi-dimensional data cross-analysis of public opinion can reduce the time for product demand research by 75%, thereby further shortening the time for product launch. At the same time their data shows. 92% of users are satisfied with JD.com C2M customized products.

Daniel Tan, President of the Communications Division of JD Retail Group, said: “JD is constantly trying to carry out in-depth cooperation with partners in the field of C2M reverse customization. The Redmi K30 5G Express Edition was born under the joint exploration of JD.com, Xiaomi and Qualcomm. This time The cooperation optimizes supply chain efficiency to the greatest extent, reduces intermediate costs, and allows more consumers to enjoy 5G experience.” Lu Weibing, vice president of Xiaomi Group, president of China, and general manager of Redmi brand, said: “Our sales of the Redmi K30 5G Extreme Edition The performance is very confident! JD.com has always been a very important partner of Redmi, and Redmi will continue to strengthen the cooperation between the two parties in the future, and launch more products that meet the needs of consumers in the reverse customization mode.”

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