Is it better to customize the zinc alloy die-casting bluetooth speaker shell or find a male model?

Everyone knows that Bluetooth speakers are developing rapidly, product updates and iterations are fast, and speaker materials are emerging in endlessly. So the most widely used is the zinc alloy die-cast Bluetooth speaker shell. Now there are many zinc alloy die-cast Bluetooth speaker shells. So, is it better to customize or find a public model?

One of the advantages of customization: you can design your own appearance, fully personalized customization, as long as you have an idea, you can complete it;

The second advantage of customization: There are many options for surface treatment process, and common electroplating, baking paint, oil spraying, electrophoresis, etc. can be customized;

The third advantage of customization: You can also customize your own LOGO to show personalization;

The fourth advantage of customization: the material can also be selected, the die-casting shell is also made of aluminum alloy, and the metal texture is very good;

Disadvantage one of customization: If the product does not have enough quantity, it will not work, and the cost is high when the quantity is small, and the mass production capacity is not available;

The second disadvantage of customization: the cycle is generally longer, Mold development and sample trial production are about 10 to 30 days;

The characteristics of public models: Generally, manufacturers with public models have certain stocks, which can be picked up at any time; in addition, the personalization of public models is not obvious, they are all popular products, homogeneity and homogeneity are highly competitive; materials are optional Insufficient, generally zinc alloy materials are mostly used.

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