Intensify inspection efforts for car maintenance


The quality of car maintenance in our city is improving year by year. It shows that the quality awareness of maintenance companies is increasing, and the level of repairs is rising, which proves that strengthening the management and quality supervision of the automotive maintenance industry over the years is very effective. However, the qualified rate of auto repair is not high, and it is far from the requirements of customers. The main problems are as follows. The braking performance does not meet the standard national standards. GB7258-87 puts forward clear requirements for the braking performance of maintenance vehicles. In actual testing, this unqualified accounted for the majority of the total number of unqualified vehicles.

A vehicle with unqualified braking performance running on the road can pose a threat to public safety at any time. Therefore, vehicles with unqualified braking performance must be resolutely rejected. The quality of overhaul is low. There are more than 1,000 large and small automobile maintenance enterprises in our city, and their personnel quality and maintenance level are uneven. Many companies have low-quality vehicle repairs, and repair inspections are in vain.

Sampling inspection of the Feifeng SJK7220 repaired car undertaken by an automobile repair center. During the inspection, it was found that the left lower support arm was broken, and the connecting bolt gasket of the steering lower support arm was smaller than the part hole. Falling off, there is a hidden danger of major accidents. During spot checks, it was found that the loose assembly of the steering rocker arm, axial king pin, and horizontal and straight tie rod ball joint transmission mechanism is not uncommon. This kind of problem is neither a technical problem nor an accident, it is purely a performance of chaotic management and extremely irresponsible to users. Excessive exhaust emissions The main reason for the excessive exhaust emissions of automobiles is due to the unqualified fit clearance in engine maintenance. Excessive exhaust emissions will cause serious environmental pollution. In the first half of 1997 alone, 20% of the vehicles that were unqualified after supervision, inspection and maintenance had severely exceeded exhaust emissions.

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