Industrial sensors provide 3D position and motion to ±1m, ±0.2° and ±1°

Industrial sensors provide 3D position and motion to ±1m, ±0.2° and ±1°

They are:

  • MTi-670G: GNSS + inertial navigation system module
  • MTi-630R:  attitude and heading reference system (AHRS)

Both are in 41 x 56 x 37mm IP68-rated aluminium enclosures and are designed to resist vibration and shock. Communication is via CAN or RS232 at up to 400Hz.

MTi-670G (pictured) includes a u-blox ZED F9 GNSS (GPS, for example) receiver, and its sensor fusion processing combines the GNSS data with internal 3D tilt, inclination and heading information from its gyros, accelerometers, magnetometers and an optional barometer.

Absolute positioning accuracy is clamed to be better than ±1m.

Xbus and standard NMEA and CAN protocols are supported.

Typical consumption from 4.5 to 24V is <1W.

MTi-630R is a ruggedised version of the existing MTi-630 AHRS.

“It offers the same high performance, including roll/pitch measurement accuracy of ±0.2° and heading
accuracy of ±1°,” said the company.

Developers can use Xsens’ MT Software Suite, which includes MT Manager GUI for Windows or Linux operating systems, a magnetic field mapper function, and drivers for the LabVIEW, ROS and GO development languages.

Ruggedised inertial measurement units (MTi-610R) and vertical reference unit (MTi-620R) are also available.

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