In view of the unstable operation of the clutch control of the AMT vehicle when starting on a hill


Establishing a bolt parameter database The establishment of a standard parts library requires the use of a database to store part data. Two databases need to be established when designing the bolt database: ①parameter database of bolts of various specifications; ②bolt standard length series database. When designing the database, it is necessary to add some data for the convenience of control. For example, when controlling the length range of a certain specification of bolts, two columns of data l_max and l_min can be added according to the information in the standard, and the maximum size of a certain specification of bolts listed in the standard can be added. The length and the minimum length are recorded, and the length value that meets the requirements can be selected from the standard length list based on these two values ​​when designing the program.

System interface design and data processing are the interface for setting the required parameters of bolts. In the standard, coarse-tooth hexagon head bolts are divided into preferred and non-preferred specifications. When users use preferred specifications, the system will automatically filter the preferred bolt specifications from the bolt database and list them in the “Specifications” list for users to choose. The goal of clutch control is to smoothly increase the speed and transmission torque of the driven disc, reduce vehicle shock, and at the same time, the clutch engagement process can be completed quickly. The speed of the clutch driven disc increases steadily, the transmission torque of the clutch increases steadily, the impact is small, the start time is within 2s, the start is fast, and the operation is stable. The simulation results show that the control scheme not only has good dynamics, but also can meet the requirements of the vehicle to start smoothly on the slope, so the clutch control law in this paper is more ideal.

Analyze the characteristics and shortcomings of the clutch control of the automatic mechanical transmission (AMT transmission), aiming at the common problems of the clutch control of the AMT vehicle when starting on a hill, such as large impact, unstable engine operation, and vehicle rolling, etc., based on the ideal clutch torque transmission control Method, by optimizing the traditional impact degree and sliding work index, combined with the driver’s intention and judgment on the road, the best clutch control law is formulated. The simulation verification shows that the method not only guarantees the smoothness and speed of the vehicle’s start on the slope, but also combines the mapping method and the analytical method to reduce the amount of calculation, and it is also fast and accurate in the realization of the algorithm.

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