IML system high speed injection solution

Sino Hodlings have successfully offering customer with several IML solution for thin wall package container high speed injection in South Africa,Italy, Egypt ,we supply turnkey solution for IML production line:
We offered customer with following items:
_Qualified plastic mould;
_Hybrid molding machine
_Robot system
_Staff training
_Machine installation……
Regard package mould, we have made containers in 4cavities up to 6cavities before. 
Sized from 200g , 400ml, 500ml, 750ml, 1L and 2L thinwall package box.  And containers up from 0.5L up to 20L bucket.
For thin wall container, minimum thickness is 0.040~0.045mm,Hybrid molding machine open, close, fill, in the same time, shorter injection cycle time.For example 4cavities 250ml container cycle time is only 6s.Hybrid molding machine combination with Italy robot system achieve machinery automotion high speen injection.

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