Recent years be popular a decoration technology of spraying on the surface of plastic parts. We call it:Decoration Technology on the surface ofinjection moulds and also called it: In Mould Decoration. There are two different kinds of IMD technologies:

IMR (In-mold Roller):Printing the patterns in the films and make the films to be rolls. Use the Film feeding machine to express the film fitting with the injection mould cavity, when molding the printing ink with pattern separate with the film, the pattern leave in the plastic parts surface so that it decorate the plastic products, while the film just something like carrier.

IML ( In-Mold-Label), the process of this technology:
Choose a PET or PC material label with hardening treatment (HB-3H) and with thickness between 0.1-0.5mm. Make the size as we need. Make the High-temperature in the un-hardened part and make the precision positioning screen printing, than thermoforming, punching … … we will get the label shape as same as the plastic parts.

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