How to use CNC machining center tools

cnc machining center tool type use and common engraving and milling method
1. End milling cutter (flat bottom knife): milling plane contour, rough surface milling of area surface.
2, ball knife surface processing, curved surface engraving and milling.
3, inclined milling cutter: engraving and milling plane, projection engraving and milling relief, curved surface engraving and milling.
4, round nose milling cutter: milling plane and surface, curved surface engraving and milling.
CNC machining center tools, a wide range of tools and materials, and a wide range of engraving materials. Hard to all kinds of metal, marble, soft to PVC, plexiglass, two-color board, etc., so what kind of tool to engrave and mill, what kind of tool to use, to process a good product, there is a good tool is very important.
CNC machining center (cnc CNC machining) is not only sharp, but also requires its model, size, material and parameters, which will affect the quality and efficiency of engraving.
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