How to select mould steel material

We are the professional injection mould manufacturer in China, we experienced in making all kinds of plastic injection mould.
Regard mould steel material, there are varies of steel material for you select, do you the difference between.
General mould steel material depart for two kind one is pre-harden steel material, the other is quenching steel.
For the pre-harden steel: such as (Germany)DIN1.2738, DIN1.2311, NAK80(Japan), factory hardness is HRC 32~40.
Pre-harden steel made in China:45#,50#,P20,718H
The characteristic of pre-harden steel its own hardness when come out from the factory. Its hardness is not very high compare with quenching steel, so mould life time will shorter than quench steel .
For DIN1.2738 and NAK80 steel very good on polish, special for mirror polish requirement.
Regard quenching steel: Germany DIN1.2344, DIN1.2316, SKD61(Japan), H13(America), S136(Sweden), S420
Quenching steel Made in China:2316,S136,H13,3Cr13,4Cr13
Quenching steel when left from factory its has none hardness, after vacuum hardening, then its has hardness General is hardness HRC 40~50.Special for high production parts injection such as thin wall container, disposable products.
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