How to prevent springback when forming metal stamping parts?

How to prevent springback when forming metal Stamping parts?

With the development of society, stamping products have been popularized in all walks of life, and the quality of stamping products has also been continuously improved. In the stamping process, when stamping is formed, parts sometimes have a certain springback. What is the situation? What are the precautions? Let’s take a look at the hardware stamping parts processing manufacturers;

Plastic deformation in the forming of stamping parts, but also elastic deformation. When the load is unloaded during forming, the parts will have a certain springback. Springback is the deformation that occurs after the sheet is formed and the formed part is taken out of the mold. , Will affect the final shape of the part, the amount of springback directly affects the geometric accuracy of the stamping part, and it is also a forming defect that is difficult to overcome in stamping production.

So how can this phenomenon of stamping rebound be prevented in advance? Here are a few brief introductions;

  • 1. First, in terms of materials, on the premise of meeting product requirements, choose materials that are not easy to bend, or increase the thickness of the material appropriately. Secondly, the design of the stamping shape, the stamping parts with complex shapes, in one bending , Due to the complex stress conditions in various directions, a combination of several components can be used to solve the springback problem. Furthermore, anti-rebound ribs can be provided, which can effectively prevent rebound, and the rebound problem can also be solved by reducing the value of the R angle of the curved part.
  • 2. In the pre-forming process of mold design, the one-time forming stamping parts can be distributed in different processes to complete, which can eliminate the internal stress during the forming process to a certain extent, thereby solving the springback defect.
  • 3. It is possible to continuously optimize the part blank holder force, adjust the flow direction of the material, and improve the internal stress distribution of the material. Increased blank holder strength can make the part drawing more fully. If the forming is sufficient, the internal and external stress difference will be reduced, thereby Reduce the rebound phenomenon.
  • 4. Utilizing the drawing bead and setting the drawing position reasonably, it can effectively change the direction of material flow and effectively distribute the feed resistance on the pressing surface, thereby improving the material forming, and setting it on the parts that are prone to springback. The drawing bead will make the parts more fully formed, the stress distribution will be more uniform, and the springback will be reduced.

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