How to make a good IML mould

Our questions are: do you need high speed injection molding? Do you need thin-wall IML injection mould? Do you need high speed IML whole line molding solution? Come to China, we will make you satisfied with us.

IML mould is also called the In-Mould-Labeling technology. This is the innovative technology and very popular nowadays.
IML high speed injection molding, thin-wall container mould

How to make a good IML mould?
What is good IML injection mould? It must low input and with high output. So the IML injection mould needs fast cycle time. The IML whole line system must running very smoothly and quickly without any parts delaying. Robot for label collecting, robot for feed the label into the mould and pick out the plastic labeled parts, robot for stacking the plastic labeled part.

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If you want to more about China IML molding technology, please feel free to let us know.

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