How to maintain a mould?

How to maintain a mould? It is very important for a clients who bought mould and mould supplier.Mould maintenance is one of the significant factors effect mould life and mould production quality.
As the mould maintenance, it can be divided into two types: daily maintenance and protective & Guard technique.

Daily maintenance
1. Checking & Cleansing both Parting Surface.
2. Connecting & Testing Co0ling Channel on Airproof Guard.
3. Measurement of Heating System under H.R. Instruction.
4. Measurement action of slider and stripper fixed plate.

Protective & Guard technique.

1. Checking & Cleansing both Parting Surface.
2. Cleansing Venting-Groove.
3. Connecting & Testing Cooling Channel on Airproof Guard.
4. Exam & Repair Tool Ejection System.
5. Inspection of Tool Parting Surface’s Joint.
6. Improving degree of tightness & lubricant for Guiding-Parts.
7.Cleaning Cooling Channel with PURE & sanitary Liquid, then pulling away leftover by Air Gun & drying Channel via SIROCCO.

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