How to maintain a car engine


I believe that car owners know about the maintenance methods of interior, appearance, air conditioning, audio, etc., but how much do you know about the maintenance of the very important engine? This article will give you a brief introduction.

As one of the most important parts of automobile parts, the important position of automobile engine is self-evident. As long as the engine is maintained, car owners can rest assured that a series of other parts such as interior trim and appearance can be maintained on this basis. So what should car owners do? Let’s take a look.

Quality level

Lubricants are graded. If the grade of lubricating oil is not correct, it is very easy to cause damage to the engine. It is suggested that car owners can choose SD-SF grade gasoline engine oil according to the additional devices and use conditions of the intake and exhaust system, while the diesel engine should choose CB-CD grade diesel engine oil according to the mechanical load. As long as the above selection criteria are not lower than the regulations of the manufacturer’s love, it is good.

Lubricant quality grade is very important

Replace regularly

Oil and filter elements play a very important role in the engine. If the oil is changed irregularly, the performance will change after a certain mileage, which will affect the engine. If the filter is clogged, it will increase the wear of the engine. Therefore, in order to avoid this situation, it is recommended that the owner must change the oil and filter regularly.

The oil and filter should be replaced regularly

Clean regularly

The crankcase and fuel system are cleaned regularly here. When the engine is working, some impurities will enter the crankcase and mix with the powder produced by the worn parts to produce sludge, which will affect the engine and cause its wear. The irregular cleaning of the fuel system will also cause the engine to idling. Stabilize and accelerate poor conditions. Therefore, it is recommended that car owners must clean the crankcase and fuel system regularly to avoid adverse effects on the engine.

Clean the crankcase regularly

In addition to these, the maintenance of the engine also requires regular maintenance and cleaning of the water tank by the owner. I will not repeat them here. I hope this article can be helpful to everyone.

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