How to judge whether the oil of CNC hydraulic press should be changed

The hydraulic oil of a CNC Hydraulic Press needs to be changed regularly after a period of use. How to judge whether the hydraulic oil should be changed? We make judgments from the following points.

  • 1. Take out a small amount of tested oil from the hydraulic oil pump and the color of the viewer changes. If it is found to be milky white and turbid (sometimes like light yellow milk), it means that it needs to be replaced.
  • 2. Filter with filter paper. After filtering, if there is a black residue on the filter paper, and there is a peculiar smell, it means that the oil of the hydraulic machine has been oxidized and transformed.
  • 3. Take out a small amount of the oil to be tested, the gel is deposited, and pinch it on your fingers. If you feel a lot of gel and strong adhesion, it means that the oil has been oxidized.
  • 4. Identified by the incineration method and found that the hydraulic oil contains a lot of water, and a lot of white smoke will be emitted from incineration, and if you touch it with your hands, it feels that it has lost its viscosity. These phenomena indicate that the oil has emulsified and degenerated and is not suitable for reuse.
  • 5. It is also possible to take out part of the deposited sludge directly from the bottom of the fuel tank. If there is a lot of asphalt and decay in it, it means that the oil in the hydraulic oil tank has been oxidized and decayed, and the function has been severely reduced and needs to be replaced.
  • If it is some experienced masters who can see whether the hydraulic machine needs to be changed by visually inspecting the oil. Hydraulic oil is an important medium for the normal operation of hydraulic presses. After a period of use, we must replace them in time so that the hydraulic press can work smoothly.

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