How to extend the life of the car is very important in ten maintenance

For the same cars that have ran tens of thousands of kilometers, some have never had major problems, and some have been expensive to maintain. What is the mystery of this. Of course, the quality of the car itself can be divided into good or bad, but adequate maintenance can indeed make the car driving life longer.
1. Regular oil change
Engines that are often lubricated have a longer service life. Over time, the engine oil becomes dirty, which will reduce or even lose the lubricating effect of the engine oil and accelerate engine wear. Although synthetic motor oil lasts longer, it can also be degraded or contaminated. If you change the oil regularly and use the appropriate grade of oil, the inside of your car’s engine can be cleaned and fully lubricated. When driving, the engine will consume engine oil, and low engine oil will increase engine wear. Therefore, please check the oil quantity regularly and replenish the oil in time.
2. Ensure that all kinds of lubricating oil needed by the car are sufficiently clean
The condition of the automatic transmission depends on the usage of the transmission fluid. The same is true for the brake system, steering system, engine cooling system, gearbox, and the difference between the front and the rear. All kinds of lubricating oil required by the car are very important for your car. They will evaporate over time, leak or lose quality, so please replace and replenish them in time when the amount of lubricating oil is low.
You can find the type of lubricating oil required for your car in the car owner’s manual. If your car is to be used as a trailer, you can consider installing a transmission fluid cooler and changing the transmission fluid frequently.
3. Know your car
You can learn most of the information about your car in the user manual, please put it in the glove box, and you can read it from time to time when you have time. In addition, there is a diagram of the engine compartment in the user manual, so you can know how to check the coolant, oil and transmission fluid. You can also learn how to replace car headlights or taillight bulbs, how to start the car when the battery is dead, and so on. If you want to know how the four-wheel drive system of your car works, you can also find relevant information in the user manual. Even if you already know enough about your car, I believe you can still learn new useful information in the user manual.
4. Identify the problem as early as possible
Any small problem, if it can be found early, it can prevent it before it happens, and it can save you a lot of maintenance costs. Pay attention to the abnormal performance and sound of your car at any time. The warning light is always on, the engine temperature is higher than normal, there is oil leakage under the car, bumps or abnormal noise when braking, peculiar smell, feeling different when driving, poor acceleration, lubricating oil on the wheels, weird brake pads, etc. Small signs like clues should be checked in time.
5. Pay attention to the maintenance of the body
If the place where you live is humid and the metal is prone to rust, please perform anti-rust maintenance on the brakes, fuel supply and other chassis parts of your car in time. Clean the vehicle regularly to prevent corrosion in unclean areas. Replace the wipers at least once every two years, which does not cost much. Waxing your car regularly will help protect the paint and make your car shine. Timely touch up the scratches of the car to avoid corrosion to the car body. Once the metal inside the car is exposed, it will rust, which requires more extensive repairs than repairing small trauma points.
6. ​​Keep the car dry and clean
Because there are many electronic devices and wires under the dashboard, center console and carpet in the car, it is necessary to keep the car clean and dry. Generally speaking, when electronic equipment encounters water, it becomes a disaster.
When the inside of the car is clean and tidy, the inside of the car will smell fresh. Once the interior of the car is wet and the garbage is not cleaned up in time, it is inevitable that the interior smell will be unpleasant. Normally, the air-conditioning filter in a new car needs to be replaced after traveling 10,000 to 20,000 miles. Air-conditioning filters that are not replaced in time can also cause peculiar smells in the car. Learn more about cleaning in the car. If some functions are not necessary, please turn them off so as not to increase the burden on your car.
7. Maintain tires in time
Regularly check the tire inflation status of the car. Because under-inflated tires will accelerate tire wear and increase fuel consumption. Inappropriate tire pressure will accelerate the wear and tear of the car’s four-wheel drive system. Excessive tire inflation will accelerate the wear and tear of the suspension system and control parts. After the winter has passed, please change back to general-purpose tires in time, because winter special tires will accelerate wear on dry asphalt roads. Rotate tires on a regular basis. If some tires are used irregularly, they will dent or produce noise. If you feel that the grip effect of car tires is not as good as before, please calibrate the front wheels every 1-2 years. Improper front wheel alignment can cause tire wear, suspension system consumption and poor handling performance.
8. Smooth driving
Smooth driving. Accelerating at full throttle will cause rapid wear and tear of many parts of your car. An acceleration from 0 to 60 is more expensive than a few months of smooth driving. The same is true for fast braking. Passing through the deceleration zone at high speed will damage your car’s rims, bracing material, suspension system and wheel bearings. If you only do short-distance driving every day, please often drive your car on the highway. Because short-distance driving does not allow the engine to fully warm up, it will accumulate moisture in the engine.
9. Please maintain your car in a reliable garage
Find a trusted and experienced repairman or a reputable repair shop to regularly repair and maintain your car. You can find your friends to recommend. A mechanic who serves you on a regular basis knows the needs of your car better. He will do better and make you more satisfied. Check the car at the repair shop at least once a year. There are many problems under the car, which can only be checked when your car is hoisted by a winch. You can choose to use only high-quality or OEM parts.
10. Debug the car regularly and do other maintenance regularly
In addition to regular oil changes, you also need to do some other maintenance on the engine. The air filter needs to be replaced every 10,000 to 20,000 miles. For every 60,000-90,000 miles or so, your car needs a new spark plug and other parts. Worn spark plugs can cause many problems, including increased fuel consumption, lower engine power, and malfunctioning ignition coils.
The ignition wire should generally be replaced regularly. Some cars need to adjust the valve clearance. Many automobile timing belts need to be replaced regularly. If you want to replace the timing belt, you can usually replace the water pump, because it only takes a little extra effort. You can find the inspection and maintenance plan in the user manual or consult your repair technician.

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