How to control the temperature when the die casting mold is produced?

Controlling the surface temperature of is essential for the production of high quality die castings. Uneven or inappropriate zinc die-casting mold temperature can also lead to instability of casting size. During the production process, the casting deforms, resulting in defects such as hot pressing, sticking, surface depression, shrinkage, and hot air bubbles.

When the temperature difference of the zinc die-casting mold is large, it will affect the variables in the consumption cycle, such as filling time, cooling time and spraying time. There will be cold lines, mainly because the temperature in front of the melt soup is too low, and when there are traces, they stack.

Improvement method

If the thickness of the wall is too thin (designed or manufactured), then the thinner area should be directly filled.
The shape inspection is not easy to fill, the interval is too far, the blocked area (such as blade (tail), cam), the blocked area, the fillet is too small, and other types of filling.

  • Shorten the filling time
  • Change the filling form.
  • Improve temperature.
  • The temperature of the soup
  • Check the composition of the alloy.
  • Fleeing may be useful
  • A vacuum installation can be useful.

When manufacturing a pressure casting mold, not only the temperature of the zinc mold is controlled. There are some details. The net shape of zinc alloy can show color differences, appearance damage and other problems.

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