How to Control the Precision for Anodized Aluminium Components

As a professional machining supplier,many customers will ask Lemo one question:does the anodizing affect the precision of aluminium components?The answer is yes,the anodizing will affect the precision of aluminium components.Because anodizing is a kind of chemical treatment,it will change the surface property of aluminium and then make the surface harder.It is belongs to the chemical coating technic. Then how to control the anodizing affection of components’ precision?If there is precise requirement of precise components,we should increase the dimension or according minus tolerance  to machining the components according to the dimensions after anodizing.This method can ensure the final dimensions after anodizing can reach the requirements on drawings.There is not only precision requirements  of thickness,but also have precision requirements of holes,steps,etc.When anodizing,we should also pay attention to these dimensions.Especially the holes,if there is strict tolerance requirement of holes,we should block these holes when anodizing. The anodizing will affect the precision of aluminium components,but we can control it through machining process to ensure the final dimensions can reach the tolerance requirements. The main field Lemo served are machinery,automation,electronic,communication,medical,mould,auto,etc.And we have extensive experience in much material like AL6061/6063/7075,SUS303/304/416,DERLIN,SS440C,Brass,Bronze,etc.Please visit our website for more information.You can also send enquiry to [email protected]
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