How is silicone tubing made?

silicone tubing is made from Silica gel . The production process of silicone tubing is mainly: extrusion and molding. Take the extrusion process as an example,Its manufacturing process as follows: extrusion molding, molding, bonding and other processes. Take extrusion silicone tubes for example:


(1) Refining glue: silicone mix edicom, added mother, sulphide (platinum vulcanization agent, BOP vulcanization agent, bi-dithilionic.)


(2) install the mold in silicone extrusion equipment, material vulcanization molding,Such as hollow silicone tube, Japanese word silicone rubber tube, medical silicone tube, these products use this su process;


(3) secondary vulcanization, Two-stage vulcanization process for products that are not thoroughly vulcanized, or oven baking


(4) Cut off the silicone tube according to different needs.


(5) Silicone tube processing again, such as fresh box, lunch box food grade silicone tube glued to silicone sealing ring (silicone rubber seal). KL-301 silicone tube glue, the silicone tubes are glued together in a heating manner in the takeover machine.


(6) Medical silicone tubes can be glued together with stainless steel metal, PVC/PP Plastic tubes with the action of medical silicone glue


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