How can we prevent the moulds be damaged ?

With the continuous development of industry, we can know the rapid development of various industries, so when using it, it may cause certain damage, which may be caused by us when we use it, or it may be caused by processing. , How can we prevent the damage of the molds ?
1. Good casting structure design The wall thickness of the casting is as uniform as possible to avoid the occurrence of thermal joints to reduce the thermal fatigue caused by the local heat concentration of the mold. Appropriate casting fillets should be placed at the corners of the casting to avoid stresses caused by sharp corners on the mold. 2. Reasonable mold structure design   1) Each component in the mold should have sufficient rigidity and strength to withstand pressure without deformation. The mold wall thickness should be sufficient to reduce deformation.   2) The gating system is designed to minimize impact and erosion on the core.   3) Correctly select the tolerance fit and surface roughness of each component.   4) Maintain mold heat balance. 3. Specification heat treatment process The metallurgical structure of the material can be changed by heat treatment to ensure the necessary strength, hardness, dimensional stability at high temperatures, thermal fatigue resistance and material cutting performance.
 The correct heat treatment process will result in optimum mold performance, while the properties of the steel are controlled by quenching temperature and time, cooling rate and tempering temperature.
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