Hitachi SX14Q007

Hitachi SX14Q007 Hitachi SX14Q007

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Panel Brand :  HITACHI 
Panel Model :  SX14Q007  
Panel Type :  CSTN-LCD  Panel  
Panel Size :  5.7 inch 
Resolution :  320(RGB)×240  QVGA  
Display Mode :  STN    
Display Colors :  Color      
Lamp Type :  1 pcs CCFL     
Signal Interface :  Parallel Data (8-bit)   

SX14Q007 inverter, SX14Q007 power supply, SX14Q007 electronic board, SX14Q007 VGA board, SX14Q007 touchscreen available.

Shunlongwei Inspected Every SX14Q007 Before Ship, All SX14Q007 with 6 months warranty.

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