High-Speed, Two-Stage Press For Precision Thin-Wall Parts

A new machine capable of injection speeds of 1500 mm/sec or 60 in./sec expands the V-line of two-stage plunger injection presses from Sodick Plustech Co. of Japan, represented here by Plustech Inc., Schaumburg, Ill. Designed for high-precision, thin-wall applications, the new 154-ton Hi-Speed machine is based on the 140EH2 model and has a 2.8-oz shot capacity. This press can accelerate from rest to top speed in 0.0007 sec and decelerate just as quickly to maintain an exact cushion. A machine is installed in the Schaumburg showroom for viewing or mold trials. The V-line has a hybrid electric/hydraulic direct-pressure clamping system. (847) 490-8130 • www.plustech-incmold.wiki
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