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Portable storage plastic box is a portable bin is the preferred plastic storage equipment for many families, more commonly plastic PP, HDPE is more used, we have many kinds of plastic storage container product design file for the customer to choose, can also according to customer’s requirements for the design of storage products, usually, a good container/box manufacturer he needs to have all the following conditions can have a better market.

Portable Container products:


  • 1. Good product design idea and market competitive advantage.

  • 2. The product needs to have a higher lifetime.

  • 3. The product should have some impact resistant ability.

Portable container mould:


  • 1. The reasonable mold structure design, can provide the product quality and capacity.

  • 2. Has good cooling system, in order to reduce product molding cycle time.

  • 3. Good polishing effect in order to improve the surface quality of products, as well as the smooth demoulding.

  • 4. In the whole process of the manipulator can be used to complete the product production in order to improve the product throughout the production status and product quality.

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