Grass panel mould supplier

Sino Mould is the professional roof grass panel mould maker in China. Recently we get a grass panel molding project from our customer. We design the mould, we make the mould, we suggest customer suitable raw material and we make the production in our factory.
Grass panel size: 500*250mm
Grass panel wall thickness: 1mm
Grass panel weight: 220g
Grass panel material: PP K7726
As you have noticed, the grass panel wall thickness is only 1mm but it should be ok to stand big weight and no problem for people walking on.
Therefore, it is very important to decide a high impact resistance plastic to make the panels. After testing, we suggest our customer PP K7726 material.
We finished the production of 40GP grass panels on our new developed hybrid machine , only by using 5 working days, totally 21000 pieces.
If you are interested in grass panel mould or grass panel molding, please feel free to contact us!

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