Geely Automobile and Xinjuneng Semiconductor have established joint ventures to lay out the field of automotive-grade power semiconductors

On May 21, it was learned from officials that Geely Automobile continued to increase its layout of semiconductors. On May 17, it established a joint venture with Xinjuneng semiconductor and Weirui, a subsidiary of Geely Automobile, to establish Guangdong Xinyuneng Semiconductor Co., Ltd. with a registered capital of 400 million yuan. Each holds 40% of the shares. At the beginning of this year, Geely Automobile invested in Xinjuneng Semiconductor. The joint venture Xinyue Energy will mainly deploy automotive-grade power semiconductor products and form a linkage with Xinjuneng’s semiconductor industry chain.

According to the data, Xinjuneng Semiconductor is a high-tech technology enterprise for the design of power chips for new energy vehicles and general industrial products, and the development and manufacturing of power modules. It focuses on the research and development, design, packaging, testing and marketing of IGBT/SiC power modules and power devices. , To provide customers with complete solutions.

It is understood that in September 2018, the Guangzhou Nansha Development Zone Management Committee and Xinjuneng Semiconductor Co., Ltd. formally signed an investment agreement, marking the company’s official settlement in Nansha. The core energy project has a total investment of 2.5 billion yuan. The first phase of the project will build a production base for IGBT and SiC power devices and modules for new energy vehicles, and at the same time realize the large-scale production of industrial-grade power devices. In the second phase, automotive power modules, semiconductor devices and system products for new energy vehicles and autonomous driving will extend and form an industrial chain from chips to packages and modules.

Xinjuneng believes that due to the rapid development of new energy vehicles and the rapid development of the green energy industry, coupled with the rapid development of data centers, the overall demand for power semiconductors has further increased rapidly, bringing development opportunities to the entire power semiconductor industry. Power semiconductors in Mainland China will definitely develop better and seize a larger market share.

It can be seen that Xinyueneng, a joint venture between Geely Automobile’s subsidiary and Xinjuneng Semiconductor, will mainly deploy automotive-grade power semiconductor products to promote the formation of linkages between the upstream and downstream of the semiconductor industry chain.

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