Foldable crates injection moulding company in China

China Mould the professional in making all kinds of crate moulds in China.

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Sino mould launched a new project — providing foldable crates injection moulding.
China have 4 different series offoldable crates moulds. series A B C and D.
Now the A series and B series has been started and making production for customers.
A series foldable crate with holes: dimension from 400x300x150 to 800x600x450
B series foldable crate without holes, the wall are solid: dimension from 400x300x150 to 800x600x450.
The characteristic ofSHG foldable crates:
Our products ideal for all packaging uses:
Non-slip stacking: special anti-skidding design under thecrates.
Unlimited color choice.
Appropriate for storing or transporting fish, vegetables, fruits or other industrial products and so on.
Resistant to breakage with normal use
Foldable-Crate Material: HDPE the thermophilic plastic material.

The most advantage of SHG foldable crate is that small in size when folded and convenient in transportation.
For example: foldable crate: 400x300x150
Foldable-Crate Weight: 1.37kg
Foldable-Crate Quantity Per Container:
before folded 20/1020 pcs 40/2160 pcs
after folded 20/3060 pcs 40/6480 pcs
If you interested in SHG foldable crates, please contact me.



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