Features Of The Baby Suction Bowl

Features of The  Baby Suction Bowl 

Freezer safe, microwave safe, dishwasher safe.

Promotes self-feeding and develops fine motor skills.

Powerful suction base grips the high chair tray or kiddie table to prevent spills, flips and throws.

Strong suction bowl applies to clean, flat, smooth, non-porous surfaces, such as Plastic, wooden, marble or a glass surface.

One of the favorite features is the added lip to the bowl design, designed for easy scraping and scooping. The feeding bowl features an extended curved lip along one side to help level off the spoon so that just the right amount of food goes into your baby's mouth. The curved lip also assists your little one to scoop up his or her own food.

How Does The Suction Bowl Work?

1. Press the suction bowl firmly onto a clean, flat, smooth surface until all the air come out.

2. Simply pull the release tab and the suction piece comes right off.

Features Of The Baby Suction Bowl

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