Features of horizontal machining

The horizontal machining center is widely used in the processing of box parts, shell parts, disc parts, and heterogeneous parts in military, aerospace, car, mold, machinery manufacturing and other occupations. The parts can automatically complete the four-sided machining by one clamping. Multi-process processing such as milling, boring, drilling, expanding, reaming, and tapping.
The salient features of the horizontal machining center are as follows:
High precision-the X, y, and Z coordinate screws of the horizontal machining center use advanced hollow cooling technology, which effectively controls the heat and deformation problems during the machining movement of the machine tool, and improves the machining accuracy of the cnc machine tool: In addition, The numerical control machine tool has the function of temperature compensation. The temperature sensing element is installed in the main position of the machine body. The numerical control system analyzes and compensates the position of the coordinate to complete the high precision of the machine tool. The positioning accuracy of the y and Z axis of the machine tool can reach ±0.0025mm, the positioning accuracy of the cover axis can reach ±0.003mm, the repeated positioning accuracy of the y and Z axis can reach ±0002mm, and the repeated positioning accuracy of the stone axis can reach ±. ffl25mm.
High speed-The main shaft of the horizontal machining center adopts the electric main shaft structure. The Jinggao speed reaches 12000r/min, and has an internal two-speed speed change, which can meet the requirements of high-speed machining while meeting the requirements of low-speed cutting. The x, y, and z three coordinate guides use high-rigidity linear rolling guides, with a fast moving speed of 54m/min. The manipulator of the machine tool loosens the spindle and broach the tool through cam linkage to complete the rapid tool change (tool change time: 2s) during the tool change process. The whole process of workbench exchange also selects two sets of cams to move in succession to complete the rapid exchange (exchange time: 12s).
High rigidity-the main part of the horizontal machining center is made of resin sand high-phosphorus castings, the bed body is an integral casting, and the column, sliding table, and worktable move on it. The exchange table and the tool magazine manipulator are both fixed on the bed body to ensure the overall rigidity of the machine tool. In addition, the machine tool has undergone finite element analysis during the planning process to make the structure more reasonable.

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