Fanlin Group launched a new photoresist stripping technology suitable for 200mm

Fanlin Group’s GAMMA® series dry photoresist stripping system launched the latest generation of products, expanding the series of GxT® system wafer processing capabilities from 300mm to 200mm. As a product dedicated to the special technology market, the GAMMA GxT system exhibits extremely high reliability, productivity and flexibility in related applications.

Photoresist stripping has been considered a relatively low-tech process in the past. However, with the emergence of new technologies such as 3D architecture, dual patterning technology, multilayer masks, and high-dose implant stripping (HDIS), the complexity of the photoresist stripping process is also increasing. At present, in the advanced storage and logic nodes of the 300mm wafer field, many requirements have been or are being solved. However, many leading equipment foundries and manufacturers do not have effective solutions for the process challenges of special technology 200mm wafers, including RF filters, power supplies, read heads, and digital printing. The technical difficulties of 300mm and 200mm wafer processes are different. Relatively speaking, the latter pays more attention to low-temperature processing, thin and thick resist layers, stripping of alternative materials and the processing of multiple substrate materials.

Fanlin Group launched a new photoresist stripping technology suitable for 200mm

The application of stripping technology runs through the entire process, and the application requirements of different process stages are different. In this case, a system that can handle multiple applications is required.

Panlin Group GAMMA GxT is an industry-leading multi-station and multi-process solution, suitable for advanced glue removal applications, with high reliability and productivity. Performing multiple process steps on the same platform helps maximize flexibility and productivity. To achieve this, the system uses a multi-station sequential processing (MSSP) architecture, which can independently control temperature, RF power and various chemical components. Thanks to stronger source technology and faster wafer heating speed, the system can achieve zero residue, high throughput and low defect rates in bulk and ion implant photoresist stripping applications.

Equipped with a flexible gas control panel, a variety of chemical substances can be selected:

·Traditional oxygen/nitrogen, suitable for the stripping of thin DUV photoresist layers (amorphous carbon dust with a thickness of more than 10μm for i-line lithography)

·CF4 high-dose implant stripping and polymer removal

·Hydrogen or Syngas (FG), suitable for HDIS and low silicon or residue cleaning

Since it can remove residual glue in a low temperature environment as low as 110°C, and the temperature range supported by standard processing is wide, the system can be used in various special technology processes in semiconductor and advanced hard disk applications. Thanks to the industry-leading high productivity (up to 350wph) and low footprint, the system’s productivity performance is also excellent.

The GAMMA GxT system of Panlin Group is specially designed for the 200mm special technology market, which can solve many pain points in this field and provide extremely high reliability, productivity and flexibility.

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