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With the development of CNC router technology, the application of CNC router has been very extensive. CNC Routers are divided into advertising CNC routers, wood CNC routers, stone CNC routers and metal CNC routers according to their functions and uses. Each of them can be divided into many types according to its parameters.CNC routers are generally used by the xy axis. In order to ensure the idling speed of the rack and pinion rotation, the z-axis usually uses a screw to rotate, which ensures its high precision. The price of CNC router also varies greatly because of configuration, function, etc.


What are the factors affecting the price of CNC routers?

This article lists the major factors affecting the CNC router cost. At the end of this article, it also recommends two CNC routers with a low CNC router price. They can meet your requirements of cutting metal materials.

First factor: The core components of the CNC router determine the price of the CNC router to a large extent. 

Components of the CNC router


Control system: The control system of the CNC router is divided into computer control and DSP handle. Each of these two types has its own advantages, but the handle control is higher than the computer control in terms of price.

Drive System: The drive system of the CNC router is divided into a stepping system and a servo system. The accuracy of the servo system is higher than that of the stepping system, and it will not lose step and vector position when embossing.

Type of spindle motor:In addition to some brands of spindle motors. The size of its power is also a factor that affects the price, and we also need to look at which aspect it is used when purchasing. If it is mainly used for embossing, then a small-power spindle motor can be used, and if it is used for cutting, a high-power spindle motor can be used.


Inverter: The Inverter is mainly used as the motor drive of the main shaft to control the start, stop and speed adjustment of the main shaft. So a good inverter has a very important effect on the quality of the machine.


Second Factor: Working size
The larger the size of the work, the higher the price, relatively speaking.

Even though the same model and same power, the CNC router cost of different working sizes is different. Because the larger the machine working size, the higher the production cost. Hence the CNC router price is higher. 

Third Factor: 

Except for the factors related to the CNC router itself, the external factors affecting the CNC router cost include: 

1.     Brand

In order to win in the competition, companies must carefully maintain the goodwill of their brand. CNC routers manufacturers tend to strictly control product quality so as not to damage their brand. The brand influence of theCNC router is reflected in the quality, operation and service of the CNC routers. Large-brand CNC routers usually use famous Spindle motor,inverter  and other accessories to ensure the stable operation of CNC routers. Moreover, the quality and service of CNC routers of big brands is effectively guaranteed. Correspondingly, famous brand CNC router price will be higher.


2.     After-sales service

This is also an important factor that affects the CNC router price. All-round services offer customers with machine safety and timely maintenance of CNC routers. CNC routers manufacturers with good after-sales service have relatively high prices for CNC routers.

China CNC has 3-years warranty for core components, in order to give you more peace of mind after-sales protection.


3.     Shipping fee, tax fee, customs clearance fee

These fees are also part of the total CNC router price. Buying a machine from your own country may not need to pay customs clearance fees and related taxes. But if you buy a machine from abroad, you need to pay extra shipping fees, customs clearance fees and other expenses. This also increases the CNC router price. 


As one of China's High-end CNC router manufacturers, China offers CNC routers of multiple sizes. We also Support customization according to customer needs . At the same time, going for the highest possible grade would probably need sufficient usage of the machine to justify CNC router cost. I'd like to introduce two models of China low cost CNC router. China has been committed to CNC machine production for over 10 years. China CNC routers have obtained positive comments from all over the world by virtue of the good quality.

CNC router BCM S Series for Sale, perfect for thicker materials and deeper wood carving designs and applications, Comes with 3.0kW Spindle, unique safety protection system, Especially the affordable price.

CNC router provides higher processing efficiency, saves costs, and obtains greater economic returns. Choosing a suitable CNC router is your wise choice. Before buying a CNC router, you need to do some preparations. First, you need to know your needs clearly. Then you need to choose a right CNC router manufacturers. I would not advise to make the choice based on the cost only. Because I believe that you get what you pay for. For more detailed product information or technical problem,please contact us online customer service or email , We will try our best to help you the most.

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