Factors Affecting Machinery Castings Quality

Factors Affecting Machinery Castings Quality

Machine tool wear and dimensional stability, directly affect the accuracy of the machine to maintain life.

There are many factors that affect the quality of the Machinery Castings. The first is the design process of the casting. In order to determine the casting geometry and size according to the working conditions and the properties of the metal material, it is necessary to consider the rationality of the design from the viewpoint of casting alloy and casting process characteristics, that is, the obvious size effect and solidification and shrinkage , Stress and other issues, in order to avoid or reduce the composition of copper parts segregation, deformation, cracking and other defects.

The second must have a reasonable casting process. According to the casting structure, weight and size, casting alloy characteristics and production conditions, Machinery Castings select the appropriate sub-surface and shape, core method, reasonable set of casting tendons, cold iron, riser and pouring system. To ensure access to high quality castings.

The third is the quality of raw materials for casting. Metal inclusions, refractories, fuels, fluxes, modifiers and foundry sand, sand binder, paint and other materials, substandard quality, will make the castings produce pores, pinholes, slag, sticky sand and other defects, affecting the appearance of casting quality And the internal quality, serious castings will be scrapped.

The fourth is the process operation, Machinery Castings to develop a reasonable process of operation procedures to improve the technical level of workers, so that the correct implementation of the rules.

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