Explain the relevant common sense of precision stamping parts in detail

Precision stamping used to be the primary method for obtaining high-precision stamping parts, but precision stamping has many questions that are different from ordinary stamping because of its high precision and uneven craftsmanship. However, precision stamping has no imaginary differences. If you learn these, you can also precision stamping, and precision stamping is not as illusory. If you learn these, you will also need precision stamping. Precision stamping parts need to be obtained by using ordinary stamping dies with precision stamping dies. Stamping parts.

What are precision stamping parts? We can understand that the parts with a fixed thickness during the processing process are actually thin metal parts, which can be processed by stamping, bending, stretching and other operations. What work should we pay attention to when processing precision stamping parts? Let’s take a look together and use a single-process mold to punch a few simple parts. Use multiple stamping processes to punch parts with complex shapes.

Moreover, the layout or strength of the mold is limited, and its outline should be divided into several sections for punching. For workpieces with higher flatness requirements, you can add another leveling process operation after the punching process. The complexity of the layout determines the number of processes required for the zigzag part, which depends on the number of zigzag angles, relative positions and zigzag deflection To choose.

Then why occasionally add a plastic surgery process after the twists and turns? This is because the bending radius of the zigzag part is less than the allowable value. When we add the trimming process after the blanking process, we may simply choose the precision blanking process. This is because the cross-sectional quality and dimensional accuracy of the workpiece are relatively high.

The shear surface has collapsed angles, fracture zones and burrs, as well as obvious taper. The scale accuracy is generally low, and the surface roughness Ra is 6.3~12.5um. When there are higher requirements for the quality and scale accuracy of the blanking parts, such as The scale accuracy is IT6-7, and the surface roughness Ra is 0.4-0.8um. ​​It can be produced by refurbishment, negative leisure stamping, high and low stamping and precision stamping techniques of ring gear pressing.

Refurbishment is to use a refurbishment die to scrape away thin chips along the outer edge or inside the hole of the stamping part, and then obtain a smooth and straight section and precise dimensions. When punching with negative leisure time, the size of the punch is larger than the die ruler, and the cracks appearing in the punching process are opposite to the normal punching, forming an inverted cone-shaped blank. When the punch is connected and pressed down (note that the punch cannot enter the concave mold), the inverted cone blank is pressed into the concave mold to match the refurbishment process.

For this reason, the quality of the leisure stamping method is the composite process of blanking and refurbishment. The high and low stamping method of Changzhou precision stamping parts uses two punches to stamp from the top and the bottom twice. For stamping parts, two light strips can be obtained and burrs can be removed. The precision stamping quality of the ring gear pressing plate is the plastic deformation under the condition of three-directional compressive stress in the whole punching process, which suppresses the occurrence of cracks and tears, and the obtained stamping parts have a smooth cut surface, small taper, flat surface, and scale. The small officials are of high grade.

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