EPC launches GaN family

EPC launches GaN family

The EPC7014 – a 60 V, 340 mΩ, 4 APulsed, radhard eGaNFET in a  0.81 mm2 footprint – is the first in the family.

The EPC7014 has a total dose rating greater than 1 Mrad and SEE immunity for LET of 85 MeV/(mg/cm2).

These devices are offered in a chipscale package, same as the commercial eGaN FET and IC family.  Packaged versions will be available from EPC Space.

EPC’s GaN technology enables a new generation of power conversion and motor drives in space operating at higher frequencies, higher efficiencies, and greater power densities than ever achievable beforesays Alex Lidow, CEO, and co-founder of EPC.

The EPC7014 is available for engineering sampling and will be fully qualified for volume shipments in October,2021.

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