Dongguan: “Outbound Robots for Epidemic Prevention and Control” Help Residents’ Information Investigation

On December 24, the reporter learned from the Dongguan Municipal Digital Bureau that in order to respond to the sudden outbreak and do a comprehensive health investigation, nucleic acid testing, etc., the bureau urgently launched an “outbound call robot for epidemic prevention and control” with the help of JD Cloud. Since its launch, the robot has served more than 230,000 citizens.

The person in charge of the Dongguan 12345 hotline said that resident information investigation and quick understanding of health and mobility are a very important part of preventing the spread of the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic. Dongguan has a population of more than 10 million and a large number of floating populations. Use the Jingdong epidemic Prevention and control of outbound call robots help outbound numbers, collect information, and form reports, which greatly reduces the workload of staff and greatly improves the efficiency of epidemic investigation in the entire region.

It is understood that this “outbound call robot for epidemic prevention and control” was developed by the Jingdong Intelligent Customer Service Yanxi team under JD Cloud. The team successfully developed and commercialized this robot on a large scale based on cutting-edge AI technology. The robot was ready within 4 hours. It can complete joint debugging work and provide free epidemic investigation services for Dongguan.

The robot has completed 6 batches of outbound calls for the epidemic

“After receiving the emergency request from the Dongguan Municipal Digital Bureau for Outbound Outbound Epidemics, we immediately mobilized technical, operational, and business solutions to formally set up the’Dongguan Outbound Outbound Special Working Group’ and cooperated with China Telecom Dongguan Branch to establish 7 *24-hour response, establishing a variety of communication and reporting mechanisms such as task reports, daily reports, and emergency special reports.” said the relevant person in charge of the Jingdong intelligent customer service team.

It is understood that Jingdong intelligent customer service Yanxi can provide all-weather artificial intelligence call services, and perform automatic telephone calls and intelligent voice conversation services for target objects that have not undergone nucleic acid testing in the early stage. The interviewee will be automatically asked about the epidemic situation during the call. Circumstances, and record the respondent’s voice response and convert it into text into the database. The platform automatically analyzes the epidemic information, generates classified statistical reports, quickly realizes the collection of residents’ health information and the investigation of the epidemic situation in the jurisdiction, and provides effective education and protection guidance for potential patients, so as to achieve early warning, prevention and control during the event, and follow-up after the event.

Epidemic advisory staff answering calls from citizens

The reporter was informed that while the epidemic prevention and control outbound robots were working, the Dongguan 12345 hotline team also coordinated personnel to work overtime to make manual outbound calls to unsuccessful numbers to promote the target personnel to know and check the epidemic information. Check.

It is understood that up to now, the epidemic prevention and control outbound robots have completed 6 batches of outbound outbound tasks, and timely passed the latest requirements and information on epidemic prevention and control to over 230,000 citizens, with a connection rate of 84%. JD Yanxi said that in the future, intelligent outbound calls will be made to the whole city of Dongguan, and the outbound call volume will exceed one million, which has become an important means for the Dongguan municipal government to quickly communicate and count the information of health inspection targets.

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