Does the processing of non-standard parts require machines ?

Relatively speaking, any product in this world has two modes, one is standard and the other is non-standard. Either way, as long as it has a certain effect, it has a certain significance. 
Non-standard and cnc machining is the amount we often say that there is no certain standard. Parts refer to the individual parts that cannot be disassembled in the machine. 
They are the basic components of the machine and the basic unit in the manufacturing process of the machine. The manufacturing process generally does not require an assembly process. Such as bushings, bushes, nuts, crankshafts, blades, gears, cams, connecting rod bodies, connecting rod heads, etc. It can be said that non-standard parts processing does not have certain uniform standards. Does the processing of non-standard parts require machines? This is of course affirmative, the processing industry needs machines.Previous: What must be done when manufacturing precision CNC machining parts ?Next: Can we finish the precision non-standard parts by our hands ?

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