Do you really understand the process of precision CNC machining ?

In this era of more and more advanced technology, precision machining has become an indispensable mechanical equipment in the industry, How much do you know about the precision cnc machining parts ?
First, the first step, manufacture the flat and the make the HolesFor parts such as cabinets, brackets, and connecting rods, the plane-finished holes should be machined first. This makes it possible to position the holes in a plane, ensuring the azimuth accuracy of the planes and holes, and facilitating the processing of the holes in the plane. Second, the first processing of the datumWhen the part is in the process of processing, the appearance as the positioning reference should be processed first, so as to provide a fine reference for the processing of the subsequent process as soon as possible. Called "baseline first."
Third, finishing processing The primary surface finishing (such as grinding, honing, fine grinding, rolling, etc.) should be placed in the final stage of the process road. The finished surface finish after processing is above Ra0.9um. Subtle bumps will damage the appearance. In Germany and other countries, after finishing, it is necessary to use flannel for maintenance. It is absolutely forbidden to directly touch the workpiece with hands or other objects to avoid the appearance of finishing, which is damaged by the transfer and installation between processes.
 Fourth, distinguish between processing stagesThe appearance of high processing quality is divided into three stages: roughing, semi-finishing and finishing. The first is to ensure the processing quality; to facilitate the rational use of equipment; to facilitate the organization of heat treatment processes; and to easily find the defects of the blank.
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