Do Foley catheters hurt?

In clinical practice, there are two main types of urinary tract infections related to the catheter:

(1) Asymptomatic bacteria urine: Most asymptomatic urination is not recommended for antibiotic treatment. Some exceptions recommend appropriate treatment.

(2) A symptomatic infection

Therefore, the prevention of urinary tract infection needs to pay attention to the following points:

1. Avoid urinary tract infections caused by medically induced operation.

2. Strengthen the care of the pipeline. Including the urethra outlet secretions in a timely cleaning, drainage bag timely replacement, to avoid the folding of pipe pressure, to maintain smooth circulation and other measures.

3. The urethra should be removed as soon as possible, as conditions permit.

4. If you need to retain the catheter for a long time, it needs to be replaced regularly.

5. Choose the appropriate catheter caliber and type according to age, sex and urethra condition.

6. The routine preventive use of antimicrobial drugs is not recommended.

7. The use of catheters with antibacterial deposition can effectively reduce urinary tract infection.

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