Discussion on the operation of sequence preset in vehicle sheet spring preset

In China, its design method has been using sequential design for a long time. The shortcomings of sequential design as shown in the figure below are that it is difficult to consider the company’s manufacturing capabilities, manufacturing process and quality assurance early in the design process, and it is easy to appear. Design and manufacturing are out of touch, and leaf spring design is generally improved through repeated design, resulting in a long leaf spring design and development cycle, which increases the cost of plate approval. The second is an important parameter that characterizes the performance index of the plate due to the inconsistent design calculation method. This leads to differences in design, processing, and assembly.

Regarding the above deficiencies, the results achieved only by improving the production process of Banzan are very impressive. Therefore, the parallel design method used in the board yellow design will handle the above-mentioned problems. The design idea of ​​parallel design adopted by Banzan is to realize the integration or collaborative work of designers from the beginning to the end. For this reason, a multifunctional team composed of engineers from various departments related to the whole process of Banzan design should be organized. The team consists of relevant technical personnel from sales, technology, process, production, inspection, and production security departments.

They work together in the board design stage and design related processes while designing the board. The “related process” here includes the information provided by the sales department for the development of the board, including the batch size, technical performance indicators, and delivery cycle of the board, and the technical design of the board by the technical department includes the design of technical performance indicators and the work drawing design of the board. The process department carries out the process design of the board, including process feasibility, tooling and fixture, process, etc., the production department prepares for the production technology, and the technical design of the inspection department for the board yellow technical performance inspection. Through the collaborative work of the members of the multifunctional team, Shorten the design cycle of the plate yellow, make all the design work completed before the start of production, and achieve the purpose of optimizing the design. In order to ensure the information communication and working environment among the members of the multifunctional team, its design should have a parallel environment.

The so-called parallel environment is a computer integration platform that integrates design, analysis, simulation and other tools to establish connections through the network. The parallel environment will be discussed in the key technologies of this article. According to the above design ideas, when Banhuang adopts the concurrent design method, the product design process design should be operated according to the following diagram Board test simulation board long process specification, leaf spring test, board spring test standard, board test production guarantee, production guarantee, simulation board agrees to the product board’s adoption of several key technologies of parallel design. Parallel design requires a parallel environment as a support platform.

This platform has such common features. The unified model. The unified model is the key to the aforementioned integration. It can ensure the information accuracy of the designed product and enable designers to use the “same language” to communicate and call data for the same product. operate. Distributed environment The distributed environment is embodied in that the members of the multifunctional team share a unified model on their respective computer terminals, and use their own tools to design, analyze, simulate, evaluate and propose improvements. Computer network tools and distributed knowledge base are completed.

The parallel environment must have comprehensive coordination capabilities, which should be able to schedule the design simulation modules of each member, coordinate conflicts in the design, control the operation authority of each member on product data and design, and be able to correct the final data Evaluate. Therefore, when adopting parallel design for automobile leaf springs, the following key technologies should be addressed.

Parallel design modeling and simulation board design modeling is the key basic work of parallel design. It should include the data and information of such leaf springs. Module board installation methods, materials, performance indicators, process parameters, process processes, manufacturing Equipment, assembly methods, inspection standards, *final quality* evaluation system, production guarantee, etc. The establishment of these data and information modules* ultimately depends on the standardization of enterprise management and the standardization of the board industry.

Simulation technology, as a means to simulate and reproduce the design quality of related work among members in the parallel design of the board, is the key control method to realize the design idea of ​​”design for the board” and “achieve the goal in one design”. The function of leaf spring design simulation is to perform simulation analysis on leaf spring related design work, conduct qualitative and quantitative evaluation and analysis on the design, and point out specific improvement schemes, which is a vital means to realize parallel design. Board design simulation technology mainly includes the development and application of simulation software such as board yellow performance simulation, leaf spring processing simulation board extraction and inspection, simulation board production guarantee simulation and other simulation software. Among them, simulation software characterized by versatility and advancement can be developed in accordance with Banhuang industry standards, and it should be developed by itself in accordance with the enterprise’s own management methods.

In the parallel design and technology of the leaf spring, the *main thing is the manufacturability of the technology that is the yellow design of the plate. Therefore, the manufacturability principle of the board yellow should be considered at all times during the design, that is, the interchangeability of the board yellow design, such as the interchangeability of materials, the interchangeability of the structure, and the complexity refer to the performance capacity based on the overall performance requirements of the board. Poor characteristics and achievable relevance refer to the relevance of the manufacturing process of Banhuang based on the relevance of the structure of the board.

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