Digi-Key and Machinechat Announce Industry’s Most Affordable Ready-to-Use IoT Software Solution

Digi-Key Electronics, with the world’s most extensive library of off-the-shelf Electronic components available for immediate shipment, today announced that it will be the Machinechat® JEDI One for BeagleBone, the industry’s easiest-to-use, most affordable, ready-to-use IoT data management software for the BeagleBone platform. global exclusive distributor.

Robbie Paul, Director of IoT Business Solutions at Digi-Key Electronics, said: “As one of the founding sponsors of the BeagleBoard, Digi-Key is pleased to continue to support BeagleBone developers and be the first to provide them with innovative solutions to help them integrate their Networking concepts become a reality. With Machinechat’s JEDIOne for BeagleBone added to our product offering, we will continue to provide the BeagleBoard community with the best solutions in the industry.”

Digi-Key Electronics will exclusively offer MachineChat, JEDIOne for BeagleBone for $39, allowing engineers to embed powerful edge-based data collection, transformation, monitoring and visualization capabilities into any IoT project in minutes

Machinechat’s JEDIOne is an all-in-one software application for IoT developers and solution architects that provides IoT data collection, visualization, monitoring and local storage capabilities in minutes. As a pre-installed single binary software application, JEDIOneforBeagleBone is the industry’s most affordable ready-to-use IoT software solution that gives developers and their customers complete control over their data and comes with a set of advanced Data management tools.

Robert Nelson, Principal Applications Engineer at Digi-Key, said: “An IoT project requires a significant investment of time and effort to develop the infrastructure for data collection, transformation, monitoring and visualization software, which is a challenge for any engineer, maker or student. One of the main challenges of the BeagleBone platform. With Machinechat’s JEDIOne software, we can accomplish these steps quickly, cost-effectively, and with minimal resources on the BeagleBone platform. In this way, all developers can Powerful data capabilities are easily added to IoT projects.”

Machinechat Chief Marketing Officer EE Wang said: “We are excited to partner with Digi-Key to provide solutions to the IoT development community. The BeagleBone has long been regarded as one of the leading embedded platforms for developing IoT home, industrial and commercial applications. 1. With the availability of JEDIOne for BeagleBone, we are excited to provide a solution that allows BeagleBone developers and enthusiasts to spend more time inventing instead of spending more time, money and resources on data software for their projects development.”

Now, MachinechatJEDIOneforBeagleBone is sold exclusively by Digi-KeyElectronics for a one-time payment of $39 per premium license. Each license supports one BeagleBone board and up to 16 devices and sensors.

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