Difficulty in repairing various mine assemblies is one of the main reasons affecting equipment operation

  The operating efficiency of the equipment can be expressed in terms of the average operating hours of the annual operating hours of the registered station, and the annual consumption cost of the annual capacity. The latter two are related to the transportation distance and the stripping ratio. Therefore, the annual operating hours can generally represent the measurement cost of operating efficiency and cannot be ignored. At present, with the exception of the Antaibao mine, other mines have a large gap in operating efficiency compared with the United States. Take dump trucks as an example. Hours of maintenance hours of preparation hours are the visible gaps in China.

Domestic equipment operation time is short and maintenance time is long. The reason is that the quality of the equipment is not high, the management level is not high, the maintenance problems are not completely solved, and the supply of spare parts is not timely. 2 The problems and improvement opinions in the maintenance of door management, as mentioned above, the main problem in management is that the computer network management is not realized, and the various data of the equipment operation cannot be grasped in time, and the problems are found and improved in time. In the future, it should be improved as soon as possible with Antaibao as a reference. It should be emphasized that the cost of implementing a network of all mines is insignificant compared to improving operational efficiency. The outstanding problem in maintenance is that the assembly repair problem has not been solved, and a maintenance center has not been built so far. Huolin River, expanded on the basis of the original pithead maintenance room, and barely took on some tasks. Yuanbaoshan Yimin River did not consider the problem of the maintenance center in the design. Zhungeer had designed the maintenance center, but did not approve the construction of the maintenance center. Therefore, it is very difficult to repair the assembly of various mines, which is one of the main reasons that affect the operating efficiency of the equipment. The assembly is a key part of the equipment, such as diesel engine gearbox, torque converter, crankshaft, electric wheel, cylinder, oil motor, etc., must be repaired with special tools, and the quality of repair must be checked with advanced testing equipment. Currently, these methods are not available, and they are barely repaired. The quality is not high and the cumulative maintenance time is long.

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